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ohayo's Journal

good mourning
28 August 1989
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this is me. i'm not pretty, so don't tell me i am :{. k thx.hello, my name is Aki. i'm seventeen years old and i live with my mom, dad and best friend {Hana} in a small crappy town. nothing ever happens here. i have two dogs and two cats, who i love. i have two best friends, Hana & Laura, they mean the world to me. this journal is barely ever updated and when it is it's very random and not very interesting. yeah. anyways, i like meeting new people and stuff so don't be shy to add me, i'm not that much of a bitch and i'm not really critical and i'm not.. uh.. that weird. i have a huge interest in ABJD's and plan on buying a couple soon, if money permits it. and that's about all.
go to GJ to actually see a journal that gets updated a lot more than once every few months. no, really! it's rather current... tripmywire[at]gj.com
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